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About Wood

Why should you consider buying a wooden house?

Due to its natural properties, the wood offers incomparable advantages:

Healthy living

Wood is a natural and Eco-Friendly material, it has healthy advantage for people living in wooden house due to the resin remaining in the soft wood which is positively impacting on the lungs of people.

Thermal & Cooling performance

Wooden wall stocks heat and gradually distributes inside the house.

That's why you don't feel cold inside wooden house even in the coldest climate.

Due to its thermal properties, the wooden house also gets cool during hot season. 

It's the perfect choice for extreme climates.

Natural humidity balance

In humid climate, the wood absorbs the extra humidity and storage it in the walls, and re utilizes the moisture in dry season. The natural humidity level will therefore always be balanced. A wooden house breathes, as natural ventilation works through the walls.

Energy Saving

Due to its natural thermal and cooling properties, you will considerably save energy and money on your electricity bill!

Dust free

Due to its electrostatic properties, the dust doesn't stay on the wood.

There are so many great advantages of living in a wooden house / cottage and can be used for many purposes.