Innovative Wooden Home Pvt Ltd     

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Our wooden houses are manufactured in Europe by highly experienced manufacturers whom are in the industry for generations.

We are using high quality kiln-dried soft wood, pine and spruce.

Every material, from laths to roof, windows, doors and fixtures are manufactured in Europe  as per European Standard Norms.

It takes less than 1 week to manufacture one cottage and less than 3 weeks for a wooden house (more than 800 sqf).


Once the prefabricated wooden house reaches the client' site, our technician along with our assembling team will erect it . Only 1 day is required for a cottage and up to 4 days for a wooden house (more than 800 sqf).

We will request our client to get the foundation made at least 3 to 4 days before assembling the house.

Wood treatment & Paint

The wood treatment is mandatory and has to be done by our team for the house warranty.

Once the wooden house is assembled, we will apply 2 coats of anti-termite treatment to protect & nourish the wood.

Our team will also paint or varnish (as per client's preference) outside and inside the house.

Plumbing (Optional)

Our installation includes :

-Bathroom (shower fixtures, washing basin with cabinet, toilets)

-Kitchen (S.S.sink in stainless steel + strainer with kitchen cabinet).

 All pipes and joints are including in the installation.

Electrical job (Optional)

Our installation includes:

-exhaust fan in bathroom, geyser, ceiling fan, switches, sockets and lights.

All connections are including in the installation.

We take in charge the plumbing & electrical job, if required by our client.