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Wooden House

Prefabricated wooden houses have been built for centuries in America, Canada and Europe and remain very popular.

Reasons are that natural properties of the wood and its durability make the prefabricated wooden house last for generations when properly notched and maintained 

  • you can move them anywhere even after it's assembled ;
  • it's earthquake resistant (wood is a reliable & natural material, which supports the chocks and vibrations)  therefore it won't collapse unlike traditional house ;
  • it's modifiable,  you can easily extend your house in adding a room or an extra floor ;                                            
  • fast to assemble,  it requires only few days to erect a house ;

       it's a low cost investment for great advantages that you won't have with a traditional brick house. 

You'll considerably save money on electricity bills and on maintenance too !

Few options on how to make the best of wooden house:

Prefabricated wooden house is the perfect choice in the tourism industry but options are unlimited.

It will make a perfect summer house, resort, beach / hill station cottages, farm house as well it can be used as home  office, play room, guest room, outdoor kitchen, poolside room and much more.

By living in the natural environment of wooden house, you will be in harmony with nature and feel at peace and relax. It has an incredible positive impact on people and its health!